Most complete veterinary clinic in Nuevo Vallarta

We give you the warmest welcomes to Mr. Can, we are very happy to greet you through our website and it is a pleasure to be in contact with you.

To introduce ourselves we would like to start by telling you a little about how much Veterinary Mr. Can is, we are a complete wellness center for pets, those adorable beings that come into our lives to fill us with love and positive energy every day, they they teach us the true meaning of love in all its expression and without any interest involved. The only purpose that pets have towards humans is to make their owners happy and we work to make them happy.

We are the most complete veterinary clinic in Nuevo Vallarta since we have excellent services designed for the care, recovery and well-being of pets focused mainly on dogs and cats and our clinic works day by day in order to bring the best alternatives for your pet to your hands.

Always concerned and busy with having the best service, our staff is constantly in training and has the necessary preparation to put the best effort in what they do and the extreme care towards the care of the pet that we are taking care of. Within our services we can tell you that two areas stand out: Health and Beauty.

The health area is distinguished by offering complete medical services, hospitalization service, digital X-rays, ophthalmology area, dermatology area, surgeries and preventive or corrective consultation. On the other hand, the beauty area has the service of taking your pet to your home and even being able to go for it. Together our services help us to offer you everything in one place in order to be the most complete veterinary clinic in Nuevo Vallarta.

For each of us who collaborate in the Mr. Can family, it is a great pride and a complete commitment that we apply with all our patients, giving your pet the best treatment in a cordial and always humane way is one of the characteristics that distinguishes us in our veterinary clinic.

Pets are a very important part of our life, for many they are one more member of our family and the love and affection that we have for them is immense, to help them have better health and a better quality of life it is necessary that they be valued as daily by specialized veterinary doctors as well as it is essential that they have vaccinations in time and in good shape to avoid diseases that can cause death at a premature age and even adulthood.

To be able to be the most complete veterinary clinic in Nuevo Vallarta We have high-tech equipment that supports and helps us to give more accurate, clear and functional diagnoses. The life of your pets is not a game and their health is a priority if taking care of them is about, we recommend that you do frequent studies to confirm that their organs are working properly and that their body is collaborating one hundred percent, in the On the subject of animals, humans have the disadvantage that they cannot tell us or tell us what symptoms they are suffering, this increases the responsibility of the owner and the vet.

If a pet is diagnosed in time, there is a high degree of probability that it can be treated regardless of the conditions with which it is presented, however if the pet arrives with an acute picture the danger increases minute by minute, if the clinic has the necessary necessary for your care you will be leaving your pet's life in the best hands, we assure you that at Mr. Can we are the ideal option in terms of most complete veterinary clinic in Nuevo Vallarta and in the human quality that is needed in those difficult moments.

Consolidating ourselves as the reference veterinarian in the Bay of Banderas is one of our main objectives, our effort to make your pet happy and to keep it healthy makes us do our best moment by moment.

We currently have more than nine years making our veterinary and beauty medical services available to you, we always prioritize preserving the health of pets with the constant use of the best tools on the market to obtain accurate and agile diagnoses. Within our facilities you will also be able to know our boutique service that offers you food, products for the care of your pet, shampoos, brushes, beds, houses and everything you need to give you the best care.

Be the most complete veterinary clinic in Nuevo Vallarta It is for Mr. Can the opportunity to love and care for your pet as if it were our family, it is to give them a moment of joy by enjoying a bath routine accompanied by a delicate massage and the caresses of our team, of course it is also fill them with love to make them feel like the luckiest pets at that moment.

Our service goes far beyond giving them a treatment or giving them some specific attention, it is taking care of them with the same love that you do every day and it is making them feel at home even when they are away from it.

Caring for a pet is for us a great responsibility to which we dedicate our time, our knowledge and of course all our love.