Welcome to our website, it is a pleasure to greet you by this means. At Mr. Can we love being able to be in contact with you and tell you a little about what we do every day and that without a doubt is our passion. We opened the doors of our veterinary clinic more than nine years ago and throughout this time we have met a large number of patients who remind us how much we love what we do.

Being a veterinary clinic is a great responsibility because we have in our hands the health, well-being, happiness and life of those pets that need our care and attention. In this article we want to talk with you about a subject that is underestimated on many occasions, it is believed that it is very simple and fast to perform and a great variety of details that are very necessary for pets are not taken into account, we are talking about the bath time.

Although, it is very common that pets do not like to get wet and less to bathe, let us tell you that our Mr. Can veterinary clinic has the service of canine aesthetics, which has the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that your pet is safe and in the best hands. Before leaving our beloved pets in a place that offers basic grooming services, it is very important to be sure that they are in the hands of experienced people with the cordial and humane treatment they deserve.

On many occasions it has been known of mistreatment in grooming places for pets and even in veterinarians who claim to have specialization in the care and health of small species animals, it is very difficult for a person who loves his puppy , leave your kitten or the animal that you have selected as a pet in a clinic that does not have the appropriate image and the necessary equipment to carry out its work correctly.

In the case of a canine aesthetics We must mention that it is a privilege and an honor for Mr. Can to stand out in this area since we can guarantee that by caring for your pet we will be doing it as if it were ours. The team of collaborators with whom we have in our veterinary clinic has the necessary knowledge to be able to better serve each of our patients and in addition to that, all of us who work at Mr. Can have various trainings, courses and graduates continuously and frequently, with this we help ourselves to be prepared at all times and updated on medical, beauty and health issues for pets.

Don't you know us yet? We invite you to visit us in the beautiful Bay of Banderas, our clinic is located in a privileged area of Nuevo Vallarta and there you will be able to know the modern facilities that we have, the great variety of products that we have at your disposal in our section boutique and of course know all the services we have.

One of our favorite activities at Mr. Can is to canine aesthetics and the Nuevo Vallarta area, it is for us a special moment that we spend with your pet when we live together in the famous bath time, the connection that is generated in those moments between the person in charge of the bath and your pet is simply wonderful, accompanied With a delicate massage we take care of carving the scalp and body of your pet to leave it smelling delicious and of course very clean.

In the service of canine aesthetics We have certain characteristics that make our bathroom a complete and deep service, below we highlight some of the points in which we work during this service: haircut, brushing and removal of dead hair, ear cleaning, nail cutting, cleaning of anal glands and of course a delicate perfume is applied to them that does not irritate them but leaves them smelling quite good.

Although, taking your pet to the vet is a delicate process that requires time, it is important to mention that the form of transport is also complex, thinking about it and your comfort at Mr. Can we have a service that allows us to pick up your pet at the time you indicate us and in the place that is required and in the same way once we have finished with its service, your pet returns to your home or to the indicated place with all the care and love it deserves. With this, the Mr. Can experience goes far beyond simple attention and high-quality service, but we have thought about your comfort and the peace of mind that knowing that your pet is cared for at all times.

Now it is not necessary to leave the house for your pet to have its service dog grooming in Puerto Vallarta, in Nuevo Vallarta or in the Banderas Bay area, let us pamper your pet and give it the care and love it deserves. At Mr. Can our passion and commitment is with you and your pets, it will be a pleasure to serve you.