Pet hotels understand that leaving their dogs or cats for the first time can cause some anxiety for the owner. The goal of the Pension for dogs, at Mr. Can, is that your dog takes an excellent vacation while you, as the owner, are away and, in addition, make sure that you can also relax with it, having the peace of mind that your dog is in good hands.

In this case, in addition to being one of the best veterinarians in the city, Mr. Can is also a Pension for dogs and, therefore, is committed to offering the highest level of canine care, grooming and training. Being our best friends and family members, dogs should be treated accordingly. Our pampered guests receive only the best in care, treatment and care.

Is Pension for dogs, offers the best dog accommodation experience by giving them all the love and attention that you give them, as an owner. Your stay will be like a vacation for your four-legged friend. Also these types of pet hotels provide a safe and fun environment for group play, while offering all dogs their own room for privacy and comfort.

During your stay at this hotel for dogs in Puerto Vallarta, one of the best in town, your dear “furry” friends will have fun with walks and games conducted by trained staff. The unique concept of providing you with the best possible services, luxury amenities, and specialty products available under one roof has not only created a fabulous lifestyle for these amazing dogs, but for their owners as well. Our service of the Pension for dogs, It has cameras, motion sensors and security alarms 24/7 to keep its guests completely safe.

The safety and well-being of your pet are your top priorities.

The Pension for dogs account, as it is known, of various services, such as veterinary 24 hours a day, training, solution of behavioral problems (aggression against dogs or humans, destruction of things, generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, scratching, excessive barking, etc. .), spa and dog hotel.

It's certainly a great quiet alternative where canines can enjoy playtime, salon services, training classes (including our boot camp class), and much more! Your pet will enjoy the opportunity to meet other dogs. We have the best services for your pets to play and exercise throughout the day.

Another of our most outstanding services within the hotel is the aesthetic for dogs, which provides the perfect haircut, moldings or specific bath for each breed, leaving your dog with a fresh and relaxed aroma!

We understand that your pet is an individual. We offer a personalized experience for your best friend, regardless of age or special need.