Veterinarians in Puerto Vallarta

We give you the warmest of welcomes to the website of Mr. Can, we are a veterinarian that is dedicated to the comprehensive medical care of pets, to those small species for which we try to give them all the care and attention that need. Do you already know us? If you have not done so yet, we invite you to visit us and learn about all our services.

We know that there are different vets in Puerto Vallarta However, our clinic has certain distinctions and specialized services that make a difference. Of course, coupled with this is the cordial treatment for the owners of our patients, all the love and care for the little ones who attend our clinic.

A pet is much more than a simple animal for us, it is a being full of love that we must love and care for unconditionally, thanks to that infinite love and the respect we have for animals, we decided to specialize in their care, no It was enough for us to love and take care of them but we also wanted to treat them with medical knowledge, understand and help with their treatments and diseases, although it is a rather complicated profession it is also one full of love as well as joys, there is no greater happiness for us than seeing to our recovered patients, with the energy and love that characterize them.

At Mr. Can each of us who are part of the medical and care team have great respect and admiration for animals, we develop our activities with passion every day to make our work a way of life and thus distinguish our veterinary clinic as one of the most complete and of human quality when we talk about vets in Puerto Vallarta .

Among the services that stand out in our veterinary clinic we can mention that we have a specialized diagnostic office, with quality care and always a humane treatment of our patients, whether they are dogs or cats, care and love is always the same for All of them, another service that stands out in our clinic is the hospitalization service, therefore you have the peace of mind that if your pet needs a surgical intervention or stay in continuous care we can offer you this service, we know that it is very sad to think that in some At the moment our small pets may suffer an accident or become seriously ill, it is important to know which veterinarians offer this service so that the day it is needed you can resort as soon as possible.

We have the health and beauty services that every pet needs, our specialization is focused on dogs and cats of any age, we also have a complete store where you can find everything from accessories to high-quality or specialized food, it is surprising to know how many things we can offer our pets and at Mr. Can we prepare everything so that it is within your reach.

Be one of the options vets in Puerto Vallarta It is a challenge for us since we know that there are many pets that depend on our care, it is an honor to be able to offer them the best preventive medical care, consultations and of course our beauty area where after a relaxing bath they can be ready to release your new look.

Dogs and cats, like any pet that we have, need attention as well as specifications, it is not only about feeding them and taking them for a walk, although this is essential in their daily life, so is the fact of attending consultations of preventive medical evaluation.

If your pet is already an adult, preventive medicine is essential to help him reach old age with the least number of complications, at Mr. Can we attend to any questions for your pets and we help you give them an optimal quality of life, we know that What you want most is to make them happy and for them we are at your service.

The moment to attend one of the vets in Puerto Vallarta It should not be something worrisome since at Mr. Can we take perfect care of each pet that arrives at our facilities, relax, just enjoy seeing it healthy and happy with the best care you can find in the area. Our pets are pure love and the only thing we have to do for them is to ensure their emotional and physical well-being and although love is essential when caring for and attending to that special being, do not forget that taking them with the experts can make a difference in drastic moments, our experience helps us to put at your disposal the best treatments and specializations for your pet that, beyond being an animal, is part of your family.

With that care and love that each owner offers their pet the vets in Puerto Vallarta We are dedicated to loving them and pampering them as they deserve it, at Mr. Can our only mission is to make them feel happy and healthy for them, we strive all the collaborators day by day and we assure you that more than an effort it is a way of life, loving them and taking care of them is for us the best gift we can offer them.

Visit us and be sure to leave your pet in expert hands full of love, with the necessary attention, the optimal equipment and the experience of the experts, your pet will feel at home.